John D Bullough, MSW, LICSW
Individual Psychotherapy for Adults
Couples Therapy

Hello and welcome to my website.  I established this site to provide you with information about my practice and with resources that clients and colleagues have found useful. 

My practice is geared towards adults who are seeking support with life's many challenges as individuals or as couples.  Some people feel overwhelmed by the challenges and are not functioning very well on a day-to-day basis.  Others function well but are not happy and want something to change.  Some people have made the choice to seek help on their own and others are encouraged or occasionally required to see a therapist.  Regardless of the reasons, my role is to support, challenge, and listen to each person's concerns.

The therapeutic relationship is the foundation for any change that may be possible and I need to feel comfortable addressing the kinds of concerns raised by my clients and they need to feel comfortable talking about their concerns with me.  If either of us or the couple have doubts about this I would make a referral to a colleague who may be a better match.  

As a therapist, I want to understand the unique circumstances each client brings into a session.  I begin by asking clients about the events in their lives that brought them into therapy, how long they have been struggling with the issues and what they understand about where and how they began.  I would ask about the physical and psychological symptoms that are related to their issues.  Most importantly, clients talk about what they hope will change in their lives as a result of therapy.

I believe most people can benefit from therapy and those who are the most successful have some motivation to change.  Call me if you feel ready to explore, dream or experience yourself in a new way.

John Bullough, MSW, LICSW
                                                                             (612) 920-3626

                                                                             Lyn-Lake Building
                                                                 621 West Lake Street, Suite 210

                                                                  Minneapolis, Minnesota  55408



           Specializing in sexual trauma, anxiety, PTSD, depression, GLBT, anger, relationship conflicts.

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